An additional blessing to CMC

When Vidyalayam, a 59 year old school merged with Ida Scudder School, there was a big vacuum created emotionally and structurally in the Bagayam Campus.

Ida Scudder Association came forward with an excellent plan of starting a kindergarten school – Campus Kids Corner(CKC) in the erstwhile Vidyalayam premises.

We thank God for leading us through the unexpected, knowing that His plans for us are good and new every morning. He has through His abundant blessings, enabled us to dedicate and inaugurate this new Kindergarten School on 2nd June 2017


CKC was constituted as a unit of Ida Scudder School Association, to specifically provide education of the highest quality to the LKG and UKG children of the staff of Christian Medical College, sister organisations and the Ida Scudder School Association in the spirit of Christ. It is situated in the Christian Medical College Campus, Bagayam and managed by the Ida Scudder School Association. “The object of the Association is the establishment, maintenance and development of educational institutions in and around Vellore for providing education of the highest quality in the spirit of Christ, with emphasis on moral and spiritual values and for the diffusion of useful knowledge.” The children experience the solid foundation of God’s love as they pray, play and learn and explore the talents God has given them to grow physically, spiritually, mentally and socially.

CKC has 444 lively little children this academic year spread over 8 LKG sections and 8 UKG sections with a class teacher, an assistant teacher and a service staff in each.

CKC depends on its committed, talented and creative Teaching Staff who are 42 in number and are responsible for the intellectually stimulating, emotionally affirming and socially friendly ambience. This has become the attraction for the little ones to look forward to school every day. It is equally blessed with a team of Non-Teaching Staff who work quietly behind the scene to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the little ones.

The ICSE curriculum created by CISCE is followed. It builds the child’s confidence and ignites the desire to learn. The areas of learning focused in the curriculum are personal, social and emotional development, physical wellbeing and motor development, English language and literacy development, cognitive development, arts and creative development and computer skills. Continuous assessment of children is done through the year and the progress is reported to the parents in the course of the three terms through parent – teacher consultations.

The main features of the calendar include:

  1. Interclass activities conducted every month, where different activities like recitation, singing, fancy dress, making of fruit and vegetable salad, imitation of national leaders and Nobel Prize winners, art and craft skills, storytelling and show and tell enabling the children learn different aspects of life and making them motivated, confident and independent learners, well-prepared for the next stage of schooling.
  2. Celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day, colourful and memorable where representatives from LKG and UKG dress up as national leaders of the country and give speeches in English, Hindi and Tamil. Skits, dances and songs are an integral part of it.
  3. Variety Entertainment where the children exhibit their talents on specific themes.
  4. National Library week is observed in November, where many competitions are conducted to emphasise and reinforce the importance of reading.
  5. Picnics and Educational tours to the Vellore Fort Museum, Fire Station, Post Office and Anna Park are activities looked forward to.
  6. Celebration of Dr Ida Scudder’s Birthday with a meaningful devotion through the introduction of her life and ministry in CMC.
  7. Christmas Programme where the children glorify God through their messages, songs and dance proclaiming the Good News.
  8. Computer day, where the children speak on different devices old and new, using computer technology and exhibit their work through the year is organized to celebrate “World Computer Literacy Day” which was launched to create awareness and increase access to information technology for all disadvantaged communities.
  9. The Annual sports meet is held with great enthusiasm and grandeur in the Oval Ground of CMC much to the thrill of the little ones.
  10. Nature walks are arranged regularly bring immense joy to all the children and truly are an amazing sight to see when the Exodus begins.
  11. Staff Development and continuing education workshops with different emphasis are arranged for teachers throughout the year. Other activities for children include workshops on storytelling, creative art and craft and music through external resources.
  12. The academic year ends with the summer Bible School held in April each year.